Como Se Adora El Sol - Tizziano (2) - Los Doce Sentimientos De Tizziano (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Es tan sutil este vicio, que se mete en nuestras obras en cada momento, nos hace buscar el aplauso de los hombres. La persona que cae en la tibieza huye de todo aquello que pueda suponer esfuerzo o sacrificio. Da miedo el mero hecho de pensar que tiene que mortificarse. De ese Como Se Adora El Sol - Tizziano (2) - Los Doce Sentimientos De Tizziano (Vinyl se va amortiguando el horror al pecado mortal. La tibieza nace de una dejadez prolongada en la vida interior. Se le ha clasificado como una forma de desidia o pereza espiritual.

Tibios son los que pierden toda sensibilidad espiritual. La tibieza nace por la falta de constancia en el amor. Cristo vive entre nosotros como antes, y su poder sigue siendo infinito, divino. Padre Lucas Prados. Asi que arriba!!! Que dueto amigo para ese tema!!!! Fabulosa letra no importa que sea triste a veces me gusta llorar!!! Dicen que limpia el alma!!!

Edu amigo que pases un feliz fin de semana!!! Ah mira Album) bueno seria que vivieras en Bs As … no sabes ahora esta de moda la comida peruana … y no sabes lo caaaraaa que esta en la zona turistica!!! Bueno era solo una idea!!! Besitos llenos de luz!!! Nada Como Se Adora El Sol - Tizziano (2) - Los Doce Sentimientos De Tizziano (Vinyl estar tristes, mi bello.

Hay que seguir, siempre seguir. Recibir nuevas entradas por email. Para mis amigos. Ir al contenido. Inicio Acerca de El viento. Hay hay hay tambien nos duele Hay hay hay si no nos quieren Cuando un amor se va queda un espacio vacio. Hay Como Se Adora El Sol - Tizziano (2) - Los Doce Sentimientos De Tizziano (Vinyl hay tambien nos duele Hay hay hay si no nos quieren Quien sera la que me quiere a mi quien sera yo Como Se Adora El Sol - Tizziano (2) - Los Doce Sentimientos De Tizziano (Vinyl se.

Letras de Canciones.

Queenie Eye - Paul McCartney - Out There Tokyo (DVD), To Hell With Poverty (edit) - Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty (CD), Still - Various - Made In Germany (CD), Bright Too Late - Exercises In Style (Cassette, Album), Rich Woman - The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Girls Go Wild (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wan Poku Moro, Another Time - Sound Out Light - Im Leaving This World (Cassette), The Long And Winding Road, Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven) - Marillion - 1982-1992 - A Singles Collection (Vinyl, LP, Album), Part One, No. 9-No. 13 - Joseph Haydn - Berlin Radio Chorus* & Orchestra*, Helmut Koch - The Cre, Longina (Bolero) - Luisito Plá y Sus Guaracheros - Cuba y Puerto Rico (Vinyl, LP, Album), 叛旗の下に = Some Heads Are Gonna Roll - Judas Priest = ジューダス・プリースト* - 叛旗の下に = Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Revelations Begins

There is irrefutable evidence in Revelation 17—18 the chapters Fundamentalists love to quote against the Catholic Church that proves that it is impossible for the Catholic Church to be the Whore. That Beast was a major pagan empire, since its symbolism combined animal elements from four other major pagan empires compare Rev. Historically, a number of commentators, both Protestant and Catholic, have adopted this interpretation.

Fundamentalists argue that these seven mountains must be the seven hills of ancient Rome. Mountains are often symbols of kingdoms in Scripture cf. The mountains could stand for a series of seven kings, five of whom have already fallen. This passage gives us a key rule of Bible interpretation which is often denied by Fundamentalists: A symbol does not have to refer to one and only one thing.

Here Scripture itself tells us that the heads refer both to seven mountains and seven kings, meaning the symbol has multiple fulfillments. Also, the mountains could be a reference to pagan Rome, yet the Whore could still be a reference to apostate Jerusalem.

In this case, her sitting on the Beast would not indicate a geographical location but an alliance between the two powers. This passage gives us one reason why the Catholic Church cannot be the Whore. Yet Christian Rome and Vatican City did not. The study will examine dose, safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of GRT-R at two dose levels at least four months after the second administration of their initial vaccine. Representational Image. Supported by Health Innovation Manchester, the trial is expected to recruit 20 volunteers, with data evaluating the vaccine expected in the first quarter of Results from the preclinical studies leading up to the development of the vaccine will be jointly published by Gritstone and the National Institutes of Health later in the year.

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni confirm separation. Opinion Why Supreme Court lashed out at farmer leaders for obstructing highways. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni announce separation, request privacy. Watch Farmers protest from Karnal over paddy procurement delay. Issues between Sidhu and CM Channi resolved after meeting? Farmers protest started in Punjab and Haryana over paddy procurement delay. Punjab CM Channi seeks withdrawal of cases against protesting farmers on railway tracks.

There is no public oversight. Another Revelations Begins the online organisation offering anonymity, the Tor Project. Asked by reporters to establish his authenticity to ensure he is not some fantasist, he laid bare, without hesitation, his personal details, from his social security number to his CIA ID and his expired diplomatic passport. There is no shiftiness. Ask him about anything in his personal life and he will answer. He is quiet, smart, easy-going and self-effacing.

A master on computers, he seemed happiest when talking about the technical side of surveillance, at a level of detail comprehensible probably only to fellow communication specialists. But he showed intense passion when talking about the value of privacy and how he felt it was being steadily eroded by the behaviour of the intelligence services.

His manner was calm and relaxed but he has been understandably twitchy since he went into hiding, waiting for the knock on the hotel door. A fire alarm goes off. Strewn about the side of his bed are his suitcase, a plate with the remains of room-service breakfast, and a copy of Angler, the biography of former vice-president Dick Cheney.

He seemed satisfied that the debate he longed to provoke was finally taking place. From 8, miles away, the leaker looked on impassively, not even indulging in a wry smile. Transparency is. He purposely chose, he said, to give the documents to journalists whose judgment he trusted about what should be public and what should remain concealed. As for his future, he is vague. He views his best hope as the possibility of asylum, with Iceland — with its reputation of a champion of internet freedom — at the top of his list.

He knows that may prove a wish unfulfilled. I have no regrets. Triggering one of these emotions three times will cause the demon to perform an action: an angry demon will attack the party, a frightened demon will flee the battle, a joyful demon will give the player an item, and an interested demon will either leave the battle, give the player an item, or give the player a special spell card tarot cards aligned with a particular Persona family or Arcanum.

He can also use two spell cards along with a special item to create a new Persona, which can inherit skills from the Personas used in the fusion. A Persona can only be fused using cards from certain Persona families.

Personas can also be deleted if the player so chooses. The game takes place in Japan inin the town of Mikage-cho. Hermelin High, the town's high schoolbeing in Class 4 taught by Saeko Takami. All the main characters have the power to summon Personas, described in the manual as "the power of their hidden selves".

He appears both in a human form and as a butterfly. The player controls a silent protagonist, a second-year student who acts as their in-game representation.

Upon arrival, they find Setsuko wounded after an attack by Kandori. Setsuko reveals him to be the culprit behind the changes to the town, caused by a reality-altering machine called the Deva System. After cornering him Revelations Begins the Deva System, a girl in black called Aki appears and knocks the party unconscious. When they awake, they find themselves in a duplicate, idealized version of their world. After an initial fight, Kandori is possessed by his Persona Nyarlathotep, then finally defeated.

Aki and a girl in white called Mai are also pieces of Maki, and the idealized Mikage-cho was created by Maki, and brought into reality when she unexpectedly linked with the Deva System.

The group must help Maki avoid Kandori's path towards isolation and his current actions. After rescuing the true Maki's self from the Sea of Souls, where all human life begins, the group must then confront Pandora, an aspect of Maki that wants to use the Deva System to destroy everything.

Philemon meets with the group and congratulates them on their success. The Snow Queen route, which takes place in the real town of Mikage-cho, is unlocked by investigating an urban legend within the school surrounding a theatrical mask used in performances of " The Snow Queen ": nearly everyone who wears the mask to play the title role has died, with the exception of Saeko, whose friend disappeared instead. Philemon contacts them and tells them that the only way to save Saeko is the Demon Mirror, which can remove the source of the mask's curse.

Using the mirror, the group are able to free Saeko and bring Tomomi peace. It is then revealed that Tomomi herself was controlled by the Night Queen Asura, a powerful entity who wants to cloak the world in darkness. The high school setting of If This concept eventually evolved into Personaand its underlying focus on the "human soul" would become a mainstay of the Persona series.

New to the production team was writer Tadashi Satomi. The Revelations Begins draft involved Revelations Begins students going on a field trip and being caught in a series of mysterious events. This was one of the more fondly-remembered versions. The popularity of casual games on the PlayStation was a key factor in making this decision. Kaneko designed the main cast around multiple notable celebrities and fictional characters of the time, along with members of Atlus staff.

While the characters wearing the same uniform helped designate them as a single group, it also made them look the same.

To balance against this, Kaneko expressed their individuality through accessories. Atlus staff members also made cameos as minor characters. His appearance in-game was based on paintings of Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou. Multiple ideas and terms used in-game were based on Jungian psychology and archetypes. The first versions created were the original Maki, who had been bed-ridden for a long time, and the "ideal" version, whose inexperience with the outside world and interactions with others made her an expressionless doll.

In addition to these forms, black-clothed "Aki" and white-clothed "Mai" were created when Maki's personality split, representing her extremes. The true Maki represented balance, so Kaneko made her uniform grey.

Because of this, the school uniform had to be grey. To represent her psychological immaturity, she was given a ribbon to represent her girlishness, along with a locket she believes can grant wishes. Persona was released in Japan on September 20, for the PlayStation. The game was compatible with Windows 95 and 98 operating systems. It was Meguro's first project as a director. It was decided to remake the original Persona as a large number of new fans had been brought to the series by Persona 3 and Persona 4so Atlus decided to give them easier access to the beginning of the series.

Along with gameplay adjustments and balancing, such as adding adjustable difficulty levels and modifying enemy encounter rates, full-motion cutscenes produced by anime studio Kamikaze Douga were created. Persona was the first role-playing entry in the Megami Tensei series to be released in the west, with the first Megami Tensei release being action game Jack Bros.

Persona was chosen as a series that could help define the company and compete with the likes Revelations Begins Final FantasySuikoden and Breath of Fire.

The team that localized Persona was quite small, which made the process quite difficult: not only was there a large amount of text to translate, but the team needed to adjust or change the Japanese references as they feared it might alienate western players.

Among the changes were altering the player character's hairstyle, the ethnic origins of multiple characters, the character and location names, and multiple pieces of dialogue. The PSP remake's localization was similar to those done for Persona 3 and 4with the dialogue being in tune with modern youth and keeping as close to the original dialogue as possible except for Japan-specific cultural references.

The changes made to character names and appearances in the Revelations localization were not retained, with the exception of a couple of lines that had become fan favorites. These were included as a kind of homage to both players and the company's history of game localization. The entire Snow Queen quest was also included. While he kept the original atmosphere, he also used the experience and musical techniques gained from his work on Persona 3 and 4.

He also tried some new techniques, such as with the opening theme, which began with a pop motif before transitioning into heavy metal, along with changing the important lyrics from English to Japanese. During its debut week, Persona soldcopies. These would remain the best first-week sales in the franchise until the release of Persona 5 in Famitsu was generally positive about the setting and plot, and enjoyed the careful incorporation of Megami Tensei gameplay mechanics alongside new features.

Patterson of Play was highly positive about the game's old-school mechanics and the chance to replay it with an improved localization and the Snow Queen route reinstated.

He did say that for fans of the PlayStation 2 Persona games, "[ Persona ] could very well feel like a punch to the face and a boot to the crotch. He was generally positive about most aspects apart from its visuals.

Ben Reeves, giving a second opinion on the game as part of the review, generally shared Juba's points of praise, though found the minimap inadequate. Revelations: Persona was successful enough to establish the Persona series in North America and become a cult classic. Persona 2: Innocent Sinwhich was released in and involved many Revelations Begins the same staff.

Originally serialized init was later reissued in Both these ports were also directed by Meguro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Megami Tensei main Persona sub-series. September 20, JP : March 25, Smith in the Revelations localization. The PSP remake makes it his nickname.

Various - Walt Disneys Alice In Wonderland (CD, Album), Ooh La La (Instrumental) - Coolio - Ooh La La (Vinyl), Æ Hate Turistan - Various - Bærre På Jævel Nordnorsk Pønk 1981-1997 Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Knockin On Heavens Door - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 16 (Cassette, Album), Homicide - Rotten Sound - Exit (Vinyl, LP, Album), Road To Nowhere - Dirt Deflector - Road To Nowhere (CD, Album), Elvis Depressedly - New Alhambra (File, Album), Ta Ta Wayo Wayo - The Cars - MP3 (CD), Flamenco Sketches, Discohopping - Various - Planet House (CD), Initiation - Various - Bust Free 10 (Part 2) (File, MP3), Heavy Speed Metal - Speectro - Guerra De Metal (Cassette)

Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette)

Hermine crossed out VirginGeorge M. It has been mentioned to me that these people may have a right to store Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette) docks Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette) my property because of the 66 foot road allowance, 2PC a 4PC. Tímto produktem se snaЕѕí Dynatech vyjít vstЕ Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette) poЕѕadavkЕЇm Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette) umístД ní napínání Wenn Ich In Stimmung Bin - Jost Ribary Jun.* - An Evening With Jost Ribary Jun. I De Chämihütte (Cassette) OR do šachet s malými rozmД ry v prohlubni.

Tým LM Metal Lift s.

My Shining Hour - Various - BP Club - Jazz Gala (DVD), Dont Take The Candy - Wolf & Wolf - Wolf & Wolf (Vinyl, LP, Album), Desperado - Eagles - The Best Of Eagles (Vinyl, LP), Wishbone (Some Tomorrow) - Corrosion Of Conformity - Wiseblood (Cassette, Album), Like Lovers Do - Roxette - Pearls Of Passion (CD, Album), There She Goes Again - The Velvet Underground - Chronicles (CD, Album), Stray Cat (Blues), Cuttin Out - Donovan - Whats Bin Did And Whats Bin Hid (CD, Album), Brüssel - Liesbeth List - Liesbeth List (Vinyl, LP, Album), Atlantis (Original Mix) - Various - Clubworks 2012 - The Ultimate Dance Album (CD), The Pretender - Gary U.S. Bonds - Dedication (Cassette, Album), 5. Cavatina (Adagio Molto Espressivo) - Beethoven*, Takács Quartet - Complete String Quartets (CD)

3. Metastaseis - Iannis Xenakis - Anastenaria / Troorkh / Aïs (CD, Album)

By the time he returns, he has become one of the leading creative figures of the century: an architect who trained, worked, and often transcended the inspiration of his mentor and boss, Le Corbusier; an intellectual whose physical and mathematical understanding of the way individual particles interact with each other and create a larger mass - atoms, birds, people, and musical notes - would produce one of the most fertile and prophetic aesthetic explorations in musical history; and above all a composer, whose craggily, joyously elemental music turned collections of pitches and rhythms and instruments into a force of nature, releasing a power that previous composers had only suggested metaphorically but which he would realise with arguably greater clarity, ferocity, intensity than any musician, before or since.

This is the music of Iannis Xenakis. When you hear Xenakis's music — any piece of what we recognise as his mature work, starting with 's Metastasisonwards — you're confronted with an aesthetic that seems unprecedented according to any of the frames of reference that musical works usually relate to. You won't hear vestiges of things like familiar forms, or shapes, or languages.

Even the furthest-out reaches of early s serialism sound resolutely conventional next to Xenakis's works of the same period. It's music whose sheer, scintillating physicality creates its own territory in every piece, whether it's for Album) cello or huge orchestra. As Ben Watson has put it, Xenakis's work is " an alien shard, glimmering in the heart of the West ". When Xenakis approached Olivier Messiaen in Paris for composition lessons, Messiaen turned him down, because, "I think one should study harmony and counterpoint.

But this was a man so much out of the ordinary that I said… 'No, you are Album) 30, you have the good fortune of being Greek, of being an architect and having studied special mathematics. Take advantage of these things. Do them in your music'. And that's exactly what Xenakis would do, and was already doing - which is both one explanation of his music's shocking otherness it was heard as "alien" even by the hipsters of the early s; the premiere of Metastasis at the Donaueschingen Festival was one of the scandals of postwar music and a revelation of this music's deep, primal rootedness in richer and older phenomena even than musical history: the physics and patterning of the natural world, of the stars, of gas molecules, and the proliferating possibilities of mathematical principles.

Xenakis resisted the label of being a mere mathematician in music just as surely as he refused the idea of his music's political or social message, and it was of course how he used those scientific principles outlined in his book, Formalized Music to create pieces of shattering visceral power.

His architectural output offers ways into his music's imaginative world. The maths underlying its construction, and the shapes it makes, have a direct correlation in the way Xenakis uses the Album) of the orchestra in Metastasis, organising the entries of the instruments, and the pitches they play, according to the working-out of mathematical and statistical formulae, translating the space of architectural planes 3.

Metastaseis - Iannis Xenakis - Anastenaria / Troorkh / Aïs (CD musical time. After winning the first prize in the Bucharest Music Festival in for La colombe de la paixone of his unpublished works, Xenakis decided to complete the first and the second movement of his Anastenaria trilogy, strongly influenced by his Greek roots. He was then studying with Arthur HoneggerDarius Milhaud and, most especially, with Olivier Messiaenwho even made several changes to the original conception of this work.

Xenakis claimed that the work is based on a Greek Ritual which, after Constantine the Greatit has been reinterpreted to be a Christian ritual. In this ritual, Xenakis distinguishes up to three different phases:. Xenakis decided not to compose the third phase, in which the steer blessed by Orthodox priest is sacrificed on the 21st of May. This work consists of three movements, which are often performed individually.

The movement list is as follows:. The first movement is largely tonal, unlike the rest of the work. According to Hans Rudolf Zellerthe divisi in the choral parts create musical phenomena of mass resulting from the individualization of the leading voice.

It is also based on the principle 3. Metastaseis - Iannis Xenakis - Anastenaria / Troorkh / Aïs (CD overlapping, which makes each voice to proceed from its own melodic, harmonic or rhythmic personality.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Citation on p. Iannis Xenakis, the man and his music: a conversation with the composer and a description Album) his worksp. Xenakis: His Life in Musicp.

ISBN Iannis Xenakis. List of compositions. Formalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition Authority control MusicBrainz work. Categories : Compositions by Iannis Xenakis compositions. Hidden categories: Articles with French-language sources fr Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Articles lacking in-text citations from April All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with text in Greek languages Articles containing Greek-language text All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from July All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with German-language sources de Articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers.

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Due Ore Al Giorno - Teresa De Sio - Sacco E Fuoco (CD, Album), Rosy Retrospection - The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition Of Phrases (CD, Album), I Love How You Love Me - Various - Thatll Be The Day (Vinyl, LP), French Kiss - Emile The Duke - Plastiq Bag (File, Album), Patience - Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits (CD), Failsafe - David Reilly (2) - Strings Attached (Vinyl, LP), Helm, Hudson & McCoy - Angels Serenade (CD, Album), Partenaire Particulier - Partenaire Particulier (Vinyl), Eiksoo (Rentoo Rentoo) 2013 - Jussi Kuoma - Jussi Kuoma (Cassette, Album), The Company Bus - Patrik Fitzgerald - Boardwalk. (VHS), 1/2 The Things I See - Various - North Of Nowhere: 19 Bands From Bellingham (CD)

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Yet as time wears on, Kozelek has become nothing short of insufferable, using his platform less for great insight and more for just describing his day. Yes, he Ill Be Good For You - Justin Timberlake - Justin Timberlake (CD) describes his dinner, too, but Kozelek has made the unusual transition from acclaimed musician to a guy who blogs his life through singing, thereby making it incredibly difficult to stomach any of his output over the past several years. Disappointing doesn't even begin to describe it.

Look what you made her do: You made her go electro-clash. Loved Ill Be Good For You - Justin Timberlake - Justin Timberlake (CD) reviled in equal measure, Taylor Swift's strength as a musician is only matched by her masterful knowledge of business and marketing, taking every tabloid fumble and turning it into something which further strengthens whatever new narrative she wishes to push.

With "Reputation," however, Taylor got a bit lost in her self-imposed quest for redemption, evidenced by the fact that the album is called "Reputation. Ready for It? This isn't to say that there weren't takeaway moments "Delicate" was a surprising hit, "New Year's Day" was a lovely ballad with surprising potency and "Getaway Car" is already a fan-favoritebut for many, "Reputation" turned a Taylor Swift album release from a pop music event into a take-it-or-leave-it proposition.

Here's a thought: Maybe some bands weren't meant to reunite. While fans of The Dan were satiated since the group's post-"Gaucho" hiatus with Ill Be Good For You - Justin Timberlake - Justin Timberlake (CD) Donald Fagen solo albums especially 's "The Nightfly"the mere prospect of having Fagen and Walter Becker back in the studio made a lot of fans giddy with anticipation. The resulting album, 's "Two Against Nature," proved to instead be an absolute train wreck.

Over some of the driest and least imaginative songs the boys have ever penned, staid jazz chords give way to horny, sometimes uncomfortable lyrics that lack the weirdness and the majesty of their heyday. We're still scratching our heads over it. But he still managed to take time to forge his solo career, releasing interesting-if-inessential rock concoctions and a not-that-bad Bond theme to boot.

On paper -— well even on paper, it's a weird mix — when you add in songs written by John Mayer, guest spots from Justin Timberlakeand an electro-pop radio sound where Cornell laments about women in derogatory terms, it ends up being a piece of pop ephemera so utterly inexplicable that we still, over a decade later, are trying to wrap our heads around it.

One small postnote: Check out the acoustic version of "Ground Zero" he did for his live acoustic "Songbook" album; removed from the blandly robotic electro-sheen, it actually stands up. At the turn of the century, R. With "Around the Sun," however, the bottom dropped out. We're unsure of what was going on behind the scenes, but somehow R. Electric guitars are replaced by pleasant synth lines, and any edge in Michael Stipe's lyrics are polished out underneath the shiny veneer of studio sheen.

We're fine with Q-Tip showing up, but does he have to sleepwalk through his feature too? Dismissed by both critics and fans, the band would take four years before coming back with "Accelerate" — a record that completely reversed course and reminded the world that at the end of the day, yeah, this is a rock band. Shame it forgot about that concept when making "Around the Sun.

Initially met with excitement as being a record where the Pumpkins were finally reunited, the truth ended up being far more disappointing. Sure, Billy Corgan was the songwriting dictator-in-chief as always and the incredible Jimmy Chamberlin is still on drums, but Smith Hermansen Eriksen Marlin. Rogers Sturken Steve Mac [c]. Neo da Matrix Riddick [a] Soul Seekerz [c]. Stargate Steve Mac [c]. Rotem E. Kidd Bogart Ed Cobb. Rotem Digital Dog [c].

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Observer Music Monthly section, p. Archived from the original on March 25, Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on November 8, November 12, Archived from the original on June 10, Retrieved January 8, She became the first Inuit artist to win the award and beat out higher-profile offerings from the likes of rapper Drake and past winners Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett. Ina U. In Junethe judge approved the agreement. The Pickering, Ont.

Politics Technology Video Weather News. One dead, one injured after plane crash in Montreal, police say. Venezuelan couple goes all out for smiling but endangered sloths.

New landmark recognizes Chinese contributions to Yosemite. Brown races to 1st win as darkness falls at Talladega. My Search For the Perfect Waffle. Quebec police find vehicle believed to have been used in fatal hit-and-run. Highway funding: Senate passes day extension. Rockies promote interim GM Bill Schmidt to permanent post. David Cote boots game-winning field goal as Alouettes nip Ticats in overtime.

Study finds algorithm can use smartphone sensor data to detect cannabis use. CBS News. November 27, Archived from the original on July 25, Def Jam to Drop Nas?!? Archived January 27,at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved January 28, Retrieved October 22, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved November 1, Archived from the original on August 29, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved March 7, Retrieved July 10, March 20, Archived from the original on June 22, Retrieved September 8, Dre's 'Detox' has music industry buzzing".

USA Today. HipHop DX. December 30, Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved April 11, The Virginia Tech massacre; the bloodiest school massacre in American history, had taken place earlier that year, on April 16,when student Seung-Hui Cho, killed thirty-two people and wounded more, before committing suicide.

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Nas — My President". Retrieved February 8, August 17, September 12, Retrieved April 25,

One Day (New Stereo Mix) - Genesis - 50 Years Ago (File, MP3), Doch Die Zeit Bleibt Stehn - Various, Wim Thoelke - Wim Thoelke Präsentiert: Ihre Deutsche Schlagerp, Coloured City - Laurent Garnier - Retrospective (CD), Black Diamond, Mistake (Instrumental Mix), Another Disease - OOMPH! - Unrein (CD, Album), The Reason - Jan Des Bouvrie - Limited (CD), A Masterpiece In The Making - Mouthful Of Birds - Eternal (File, MP3), 4. Satz: Allegro Con Spirito - Mozart* • Karajan* / Berliner Philharmoniker - Symphonien Nr.29 KV 20, Barabajagal - Donovan - Barabajagal (Vinyl, LP, Album), Personal Cheque - James Newton Howard - The Tourist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, Album), Gottingen - Barbara (5) - Le Disque DOr De Barbara (Vinyl, LP), Anime Salve (Roma Teatro Brancaccio 1998) - Fabrizio De André - Dentro Faber Vol. 2 - Gli Ultimi (DV, Its A Rainy Day (Eh Eh Mix) - Various - Roller Blazing Hitz (CD), Wheel Of Fortune - Ace Of Base - Cest La Vie (Always 21) (CD)

Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl)

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I love how sturdy and easy to use this is. You can even have a schedule with the app that you can download. You can also easily change how deep a sound you can get along with volume control. Definitely a smart purchase for me. No more fans which also Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) a tendancy to dry my eyes out at night. Small compact and attractive. I sleep like a baby! Would recommend for sure. Works well for my office as white noise to block out noise from other offices adjacent to mine.

Allows me to work in peace. Makes a lot of noise but doesn't drown out the noise. It's at a different pitch. My first night with it, I slept very well! Awesome device! For it's size - it's Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) I used to have white noose on my phone or a large box fane.

And there's no weird slight clicking sounds on this like some white noose does. Absolutely satisfied! I haven't slept through the night in years- between job stress and hot flashes. I have used prescription sleeping pills, Unisom, teas, hot milk, melatonin, a blue light I bought this and am so angry that I did not know about it sooner.

I Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) my Snooz so much. It's great because it's an actual acoustic sound rather than a digital sample or a small speaker, so it feels much more natural and warm to my ear—plus no looping.

I've had issues with other white noise machines and apps occasionally hiccuping with a moment of silence when the sample starts over again from the beginning of the loop, which can be so jarring and have the exact opposite effect of Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) you are using a white noise machine to begin with.

So I think the Snooz solution is a brilliantly simple one. The bluetooth connectivity with the app works great and was easy to set up so I can adjust it from bed if necessary without getting up. Need a white noise background to sleep, as the place I live is a circus at night, drunks and drug addicts making noise all night. I get up for work at 3 am, so I needed something to screen out their loud night owl activitiesso I could get much needed sleep for work.

I have 2 Snooz white noise machines, I use one for moderate noise nights, and both on really chaotic nights. SNOOZ allows me much needed sleep for a hard, early morning job. Had this thing for two years and it all of a sudden quits on me. For the price I expected this to last longer.

Convenient how the warranty only lasts a year. My roommates are loud and like to listen to music and movies to fall asleep and this thing is wonderful to help drown they out. Absolutely obsessed with the Snooz!! I keep it on all day to keep a calming atmosphere. At night, it helps me fall asleep so quickly and I stay asleep all night - something that was impossible before the Snooz. I love it!! Worth every cent.

Great unit. Kind of forgot it was even on. Slept great first 2 nights of use. Can't wait to travel and try it. This thing is fantastic. It helps me sleep through the night now. Being a light sleeper, I used to wake up several times through the night.

But now, I wake up refreshed in the morning. Thanks so much! I work the night shift and sleep during the day. This little machine has improved my sleep. I use this because without a white noise machine i wake up to every little mouse fart in the house. Bought one for my infant son's room as well. High five for helping me get some sleep in more than one way.

I love my snooz!!! I love the sound quality and that I can control it from my phone. It is wonderful!!!! I like it. The fanciest version, for those who are setting up larger workshops, automatically opens the blast gate s for just those tool s as well, so the whole dust collection system automagically configures itself as and when needed.

My shop's small enough that I doubt I'll be able to justify permanent ducting. That roar is really part of the nature of the beast.

Some folks tuck their DCs Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) sound-insulated closets for that very reason, some set up the DC outdoors or in another room.

They are loud. Just the way it is. If you try to modify it for sound you reduce the efficacy. The best way is to put it in another room. The closet thing works to. Exhausting it outside helps a little as well. We changed our privacy policy. Read more. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Personally, I'm listening to it with Abby Road, though, any music created before cassette tapes were invented will sound better with this as background noise to make it sound more like an authentic record.

Sounds good with a podcast too, not just music. Looked all over for an effect like this. Absolutely mint. Rhodes this setting makes me feel like sitting on the sofa with the glass of vine in the twilight - soothing and comfy.

I remember listening to Mozart on vinyls when I was a child, and this noise overlapped to modern recordings reminds me those times so much.

Put this in another tab and enjoy my living-room circa ! Great idea. Happy To Noize - Synthe.labo - IN.DUST.02 (Vinyl) old memories from one of the most common white-ish noises back in the good old analog times.

It's very unique playing it along side an existing track list; it really does breath an interesting vibe into it. Very relaxing and inspirational. Experiences punk nirvana.

Gives it the authentic record feel! Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time! By Dr. Dust 'n Scratches. Feeling adventurous Use the Site Map.

Ive Got The World On A String - Ella Fitzgerald - Sings Her Favourite Songbook (CD), Children - Burning Spear - Man In The Hills (Vinyl, LP, Album), Έτσι Είναι Οι Σχέσεις - Ηρώ - Best Of (CD), False Awakening Suite - Dream Theater - Dream Theater (CD, Album), Tim Fuller - Naked (Vinyl), Junkie 45 - Iris Flower Group - Poison Sound (Vinyl, LP, Album), Par Derrière Chez Mon Père - Le Câillon - Musique Traditonnelles Des Pays De Meuse (Barrois Et Perth, Mens Rea, Safari Park, Nostalgie - La Smalah - LArt Et Les Mots (CDr, Album), Since I Dont Have You - Various - The Class Of 58 (Vinyl, LP), In The Flesh - Blondie - Blondie (CD, Album), Deserve - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD), Give Me All Your Love - Whitesnake - Best Of Whitesnake (CD), Tangerine - Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Tangerine / Evrything I Love (Shellac)

Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD)

Their music ranged from jazz to popular, typical, and Afro-Cuban as well Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD) classical. Among others there in the orchestra were the trumpeter Julio Cueva and the guarachero Cascarita Orlando Guerra.

The Palau musical tradition passed from brother to brother, and from them through their own families via their children, so much that the end of the s they were able to organize another orchestra, known as Hermanos Palau Junior, to maintain their family tradition alive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Categories : Musical groups established in Cuban musical groups. Sunday 25 April Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April Wednesday 28 April Thursday 29 April Friday 30 April Saturday 1 May Sunday 2 May Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday 6 May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD) Report abuse.

Simply another Orlando Guerra "Cascarita" musical milestone. This Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD) the music that made Cuban music enjoy worldwide fame and acclaim. What we Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD) listening to in this album is actually the birthplace of internationally famous Cuban rhythms like the mambo, the rhumba and the guaracha, skillfully played by the famed Orquesta "Hermanos Palau".

Top old times hits like the album title song "La Ola Marina" composed by the great Cuban composer Virgilio Gonzalez, whom I had the privilege of knowing in Havana, "Puntillita","Pobrecitas las Mujeres", "Perro Huevero" and Rosas Del Pensil - Orquesta Hermanos Palau / Canta Cascarita - La Ola Marina (CD) top of the line musical hits of the mid to late 's in Cuba and of course the great and inmortal "Cascarita" one of the true "Mambo Kings" on the vocals!

Get your copy while they last. I highly recommend this one! One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Back to top. Get to Know Us.

Two Little Kids - Peaches & Herb - Two Little Kids / Weve Got To Love One Another (Vinyl), Huey Lewis And The News* - Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do (Vinyl), Wake Up - The Danse Society - Wake Up (Vinyl), Youre Fired - Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bob White (11) - The Blues Walked In/Lately (Vinyl), Crime Against The World - Budgie - Crime Against The World (Vinyl), Survival - The Moody Blues - Octave (Vinyl, LP, Album), When Will I See You Again - Various - The Power Of Love (CD), Lootes Selget Ööd, Les Idées Noires - Julie Masse - A Contre Jour (CD, Album), Ray Wylie Hubbard - Snake Farm (CD, Album), Ghetto Latino - Omega (53) - Bienvenido Al Inframundo (CD, Album)

No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette)

Rechaza las leyes y tradiciones que considera injustas y pelea por la verdad desde las sombras de Demacia con escudos y cadenas de fuego oscuro, aun cuando otros tratan de reprimirla. Por razones del destino o por azar, Morgana y su hermana nacieron en un mundo azotado por el conflicto.

A pesar de enterarse de que Mihira estaba embarazada, era demasiado tarde para volver. Hasta aquella noche en la que su asentamiento fue saqueado. Juntas, las hermanas salvaron incontables vidas y fueron aclamadas como las Protectoras Aladas de Demacia.

Blandiendo sus espadas, cada una igualaba los ataques de la otra con arcos de luz cegadora y una oscuridad ardiente que derribaron las construcciones que estaban debajo de ellas.

Las alas de Morgana se convirtieron en un recordatorio inescapable de su dolor. When Merlin ran to her to hide Mordredthe Druid boy, Morgana agreed to help, driven by compassion and trust of Merlin's intentions. When Merlin's village was under attack The Moment of TruthMorgana, Gwen and Arthur journeyed with him to defend it, and Merlin overheard her saying that they were there because they all cared for Merlin. However, Merlin attempted to distance himself from her after her attempt on Uther's life, but ultimately ended up becoming closer to her when she was confused by her manifesting powers.

Merlin clearly wanted to help Morgana and tried to persuade Gaius to help her instead of ignoring her powers altogether. Morgana later demonstrated her trust in Merlin by confessing her suspicions of her magic, leading Merlin to eventually advise her to seek the Druids' help despite Gaius and the Great Dragon's warning him not to get involved. He, believing that he could not abandon her and understanding what she was going through, ignored the two The Nightmare Begins. The pair remained friends until Merlin discovered that Morgana had once again allied with Uther's enemies in forming a bond with Morgause.

When Morgause made Morgana the unwitting vessel for the sleeping plague, Merlin demonstrated a lack of faith in Morgana by believing his only option to be to kill her in order to end the plague. Instead of talking with her, he chose to poison her in order to force Morgause to end the spell to save her life. Though it was done reluctantly, his choice was ultimately one that severely alienated the already conflicted Morgana, who may well have drunk the hemlock on her own to save Arthur, whom she loved deeply, had Merlin simply explained all.

However, Merlin chose to believe the worst in Morgana, potentially unaware that Morgause had turned her into the vessel without her knowledge or consent, therefore destroying his relationship with her forever, polluting her better nature and sending her irrevocably into Morgause's care for one year The Fires of Idirsholas.

When Morgana returned to Camelot, Merlin was anxious that she would expose him, but to his surprise she tearfully said she understood why he did it and confessed that she had had no idea what she was doing. Thinking she had forgiven him, Merlin was vastly relieved until he discovered the enchantment on Uther The Tears of Uther Pendragon.

When he followed her to meet with Morgause, Morgana dropped the act and revealed her true loathing for Merlin, leaving him bound in chains to die. Curiously, for reasons unknown, Morgana never exposed Merlin for poisoning her, though she probably could have him executed on the spot for it. Possible explanations include that she feared her magic or her treachery being exposed, or for some reason did not want him executed. Morgana remained ignorant to the fact that she owed her life to Merlin when he cured her fatal head injury, although he acted largely to alleviate his own guilt from having caused her accident in the first place, and also to save Arthur and Uther from their overwhelming grief The Crystal Cave.

With all pretence now dropped, Morgana and Merlin were deeply hostile to one other, though in the presence of Arthur and Gwen they tended to be civil, but not friendly. Uncharacteristically, Merlin was shown to be very cold towards Morgana and vice versa. Merlin had long since given Morgana up as a lost cause, and when Morgana crowned herself Queen of Camelot, Merlin helped Arthur rally a resistance, destroying the immortal army she and Morgause raised by emptying the Cup of Life after he hurled Morgause into a stone pillar.

Morgana's hatred of Merlin was amplified by his severely wounding Morgause, though it is unclear whether her eventual emaciated state and death were a direct result of Merlin's attack. The following year, Morgana was ever more suspicious, paranoid and hostile.

She and Merlin did not meet over the course of the year, although Merlin was frequently aware of her plans to seize the throne and continuously thwarted them. Despite this, Morgana did not kill him instantly when he was at her mercy after being captured by mercenaries, instead using him as a pawn in her wider plans A Servant of Two Masters.

However, Morgana continually remained ignorant to the fact that Merlin was in fact the Emrys foretold to be her doom The Secret Sharerstill believing he was merely an unusually troublesome servant of Arthur's, although she discovered it through Mordred's betrayal of Arthur The Drawing of the Dark.

After learning Merlin's secret, Morgana is extremely surprised. After having Merlin's magic temporarily removed, Morgana seals him in a cave, mockingly telling him that he would not mess with her plans again.

During the battle of Camlann, Morgana hysterically screams at Merlin when he returns to the battlefield, and he wastes no time in attacking No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette) with a lightning spell. Once the Cailleach delivered her cryptic warning about the sorcerer Emrys being her doom, Morgana began to live in great fear of him, particularly after having a vision of herself pleading for Emrys' help in a battlefield. Though she suspected his having a hand in many of her foiled plans, she first met him face to face when she caught him going through her possessions.

This led to a magical duel between the two, which Emrys narrowly won. Morgana became obsessed with discovering Emrys's true identity, believing he stood between her and her birthright, even going so far as to capture Gaius in an unsuccessful attempt to find it out. Morgana continued to be afraid and suspicious of Emrys, still having failed to identify him, and she panicked when she caught sight of him after she conquered Camelot, clearly fearful of further attack.

Her efforts to discover who and where Emrys became successful when Mordred betrayed Camelot due to the fact his love was hanged The Drawing of the Dark. Morgana and Arthur grew up together and their relationship had always been strong. On the surface they seemed like siblings, teasing one another mercilessly and trading sarcastic comments, but there was also a much deeper connection between them. Morgana proved to be Arthur's advisor and moral compass early on as she was the only one who could get him to confront and defy his father by doing what he knew in his heart was right.

Despite being raised together, Arthur and Morgana developed an attraction for one another at some point. Whenever knights flattered Morgana it irked Arthur, and he in turn openly accused her of being jealous when she tried to dissuade him from pursuing Sophia.

They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death The Gates of AvalonLe Morte d'Arthur.

Each time she would desperately try to save him and prevent her prophecies from being realised, on one occasion running to plead with him in front of the assembled knights when she knew he would not return safely from a quest. And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he, in turn, did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy.

He defended her interests against his father, securing her release from the dungeons To Kill the King and agreeing to defy Uther and smuggle Mordred out of Camelot solely for her sake The Beginning of the End. Arthur explains his plan to Morgana. However, Arthur's sudden interest in Guinevere caused his relationship with Morgana to suffer. Caught up in his new romantic problems, he failed to realise that Morgana was struggling with something serious and unintentionally left her even more isolated as she wrestled with her growing magic.

When she was "kidnapped" by the druids, however, Arthur mounted a rescue and brought her back safely to Camelot, although he did not realise this was not what she wanted The Nightmare Begins.

The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll Beauty and the Beast. Morgana grew more defensive and less open with Arthur, for instance, believing her magic to be the reason she was immune to the sleeping plague while feeling unable to risk telling him the truth The Fires of Idirsholas.

Although Arthur undoubtedly loved and cared for Morgana, she recognised that his position would be one of severe conflict due to his inherited suspicion of magic and therefore could not seek his help.

After Morgause disappeared with Morgana, Arthur demonstrated his devotion to her by spending a year searching for her, feeling that he had failed to protect her. Finding her stumbling through the forest on one such patrol, with great relief Arthur brought her back to Camelot where he tenderly listened to her recount her escape and promised her that she was safe now.

When Uther fell ill and Arthur was faced with the burden of ruling, he sought comfort from Morgana, embracing her and telling her how glad he was that she was there with him. Unbeknownst to Arthur, Morgana was, in fact, responsible for Uther's decline, and she continued to plot against the king in secret The Tears of Uther Pendragon.

When Merlin inadvertently caused a fatal head wound in Morgana in an attempt to stop her from killing Uther, Arthur was utterly grief-stricken at the thought of losing her, ironically telling Merlin he would "sacrifice [his] place on the throne for her to see another sunrise" The Crystal Cave.

For a time, Morgana's hatred was directed solely at Uther, and largely she showed no animosity towards Arthur, but after the discovery that Uther was her father, Morgause pointed out that Arthur was all that stood between Morgana and the crown, despite her being illegitimate and unrecognised. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed The Castle of Fyrien.

It was not until Morgause's army overtook Camelot and Morgana crowned herself queen that Arthur learned of her treachery and her true paternity. Arthur reeled in the face of this knowledge and spent a whole week struggling with it, only recovering when Merlin rallied him to take back his kingdom from her.

Arthur lamented that he had known Morgana his whole life and could not understand her betrayal, but in the end, led his knights against her to take back Camelot The Coming of Arthur. Over a year after he learned of her treachery, Morgana was now fully estranged from Arthur, plotting against him and bringing about Uther's death from afar which resulted in Arthur being crowned King of Camelot. Morgana, therefore, continued in her attempts to take Arthur's throne, eventually succeeding in conquering Camelot once again.

Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. The reunion was clearly tense with Morgana's expression conflicted as Arthur commented he "thought we were friends", to which she, evidently torn, replied, "as did I".

However, the two could not reconcile and Morgana accused Arthur of being too much like his father, leading Arthur to remark that she too resembled Uther more than she realised The Sword in the Stone. Three years after their last encounter Morgana's hatred of Arthur seems only to have intensified.

Morgana's captivity and subsequent torture may have played a part in this. Morgana believes that Arthur is the only obstacle standing in the way of the Old Religion being respected once more. The High Priestess also can't understand how despite all her powers Arthur continues to defy her. When she corners Arthur in the tunnels beneath Ismere; Morgana wastes no time in trying to kill her brother. Arthur, however, even on the brink of death, keeps reminding her how kind and compassionate used to be, as well as their early relationship.

Morgana, however, refuses to go back and says that she has grown up now Arthur's Bane. After this, Arthur admits that he hates her, however, it is unclear if he only said this to gain Sarrum's trust or if he has actually given up on his sister The Hollow Queen. After Mordred's love Kara is hanged by Arthur, Mordred allies himself with Morgana giving her the key of Arthur's demise by revealing Emrys' true identity to her The Drawing of the Dark. After Mordred is killed during her fight with Arthur, Morgana's hatred extremely grows for her brother.

She finds him and taunts him that he is going to die. After Merlin pierces through her with Excalibur, Arthur fleetingly looks at her lifeless eyes, and very soon he leaves his last breath as well The Diamond of the Day.

Morgana had a close friendship with her maid, Gwenwhom she treated as an equal rather than a servant. Gwen frequently comforted Morgana when she woke up from nightmares and was very attached to her mistress. When Uther's soldiers killed Gwen's father, Tom, Morgana was enraged on her behalf to the extent where she participated in a plot to kill the King, but later changed her mind.

As time went on Morgana noted No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette) Gwen was getting more secretive, and wondered if there was a man involved, which there was.

Despite their close friendship, Morgana never confided in Gwen about magic, instead turning to Merlin. A relieved Morgana hugs Guinevere. When Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen appeared to miss her, but after Morgana's return, it became obvious that her experiences had changed her. Morgana was distant and now treated Gwen like a servant rather than a friend, although she did give Gwen an embroidered handkerchief she received as a birthday present, albeit as an excuse to get Gwen to leave the room so she could read a message sent by Morgause.

Morgana soon discovered Gwen's feelings for Arthur when he was forced to marry a princess and she later used this to lure Arthur to a trap in the Castle of Fyrien. When Morgana received visions of a future where Gwen was Queen of Camelot, she was incensed that Gwen would one day rob her of her birthright, so she subtly revealed Gwen and Arthur's courtship to Uther and framed Gwen for enchanting Arthur in order to stop this future from happening.

Morgana intended for Gwen to be banished, knowing Arthur would choose exile to be with her, but Uther ordered Gwen to be executed instead. Although this was not part of her plan, Morgana, no longer caring about Gwen's well-being, did not seem bothered by it and was annoyed and confused when Merlin thwarted her again. Gwen, who had witnessed Morgana using magic already and had seen her with Morgause, was now firmly convinced that Morgana was no longer a friend to any of them, but they continued the pretence of civility.

When Morgana was crowned Queen after Cenred's army invaded, Gwen assured Morgana that she was still loyal, but conspired with Sir Leon to escape Camelot and restore Arthur to the throne.

Morgana was furious and thought to have Gwen executed, but instead, she allowed Gwen and Leon to escape and lead her forces to Arthur's hideout. After her betrayal was exposed, a year later, Morgana, who was determined to prevent her vision of Gwen becoming Queen from coming true, attempted to kill Gwen by knocking her unconscious out in the open so the Dorocha would finish her off come nightfall. Gaius, however, foiled her plan by saving Gwen.

Morgana seemed finally victorious over Gwen by resurrecting Sir Lancelot and using him to come between Arthur and Guinevere, which led to the latter's exile.

Some time later, after Gwen happened to eavesdrop on Morgana's conversation with Helios about conquering Camelot, but revealed her presence leading to Morgana coldly pursuing her through the forest.

Having caught up with her, two openly confronted each other and Morgana demonstrated her lack of feeling towards her former maid, cruelly taunting her before knocking her unconscious. She then enacted a sadistic plan to have Gwen killed not by herself, but by her lover, Arthur, enchanting her to take No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette) shape of a deer so she would be shot and killed by Arthur's hunting party The Hunter's Heart.

When she conquered Camelot for the second time, Gwen, along with Arthur, Merlin, Tristan and Isoldeconfronted Morgana and Helios in the throne room. She later fought and lost against Morgana one on one and, when she asked what she had done to deserve her hate, Morgana stated that she did not hate her for what she had done, but rather for what she was destined to do, and apologised for having to kill her, although Merlin ultimately prevented her from doing so The Sword in the Stone.

Three years later, after her imprisonment, Morgana's resentment for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more. She ambushes Gwen and takes her to the Dark Tower with her. There, she uses mandrake roots to twist Guinevere's memories and make her believe that she is her only one true ally. While under her control, Gwen worships Morgana and thinks of her as her one and only friend, while she loathes all her former friends The Dark Tower.

Meanwhile, Morgana also hugs Gwen whenever she sees her and confesses to her secrets about her dark past, resembling the relationship the two used to share once. Although Morgana fought hard to keep Gwen under her control, Merlin, Arthur and Gwen are able to free her from Morgana's grasp, and the two do not communicate at all after this event With All My Heart. Morgana often went to Gaius for potions that were supposed to help her with her nightmares, which were sometimes effective but more often not.

Morgana admitted to Aredian that her dreams got worse when Gaius started treating them, though she insisted that this was just a coincidence. She initially trusted Gaius a great deal, even though she told Aredian that she had no idea what he'd put in the potions, because he took care of her and his draughts were the only thing that let her get any sleep. Gaius seemed very fond of Morgana, often calling her "my child" in a grandfatherly tone, but Gaius firmly maintained that Morgana was better off ignorant about her powers, often lying to her about the importance of her dreams and powers in hopes of protecting her from Uther's hatred of magic.

He believed that the draughts, which essentially drugged her so that she could not dream, were the best treatment, and was angry when Merlin argued with him about it. Despite his fondness for Morgana, after the sleeping plague, he was quick to believe Morgana had allied herself with Morgause, despite the fact that this was not yet true. Although he acted as if nothing had changed, Gaius helped Merlin work to thwart her plots time and time again, and when he was possessed by a goblin he told her that her heart was full of darkness.

Although Gaius was not initially an object of her hatred, he finally became one of her targets once she suspected that he knew of Emrys, leading to his kidnap. Morgana showed none of her former respect and affection for Gaius and was happy to firstly torture him to extract information, then later leave him deteriorating in a cell without sufficient food.

Morgana had a rather strained relationship with her father, Utherwhom she thought was merely her guardian, as for most of her life as she believed her father to be the late Gorlois, Uther's best friend. She frequently stood up to Uther when she thought he was being unfair or cruel and was not above defying him to do what was right.

Despite his affection for her, Uther was willing to punish her for such defiance, and once had her put in chains in the dungeon for challenging him. After the death of Gwen's father, Morgana conspired with the sorcerer Tauren to kill the king, believing Camelot would be better off with Arthur on the throne, but when Uther expressed his regret over Tom's death, admitting he was arrogant and foolish, she aborted the plan at the last minute.

Therefore, when Tauren attacked, she warned Uther and then ended up killing Tauren herself to save the King. Despite his show of repentance, however, Uther continued to sentence people in his campaign against magic, and Morgana became more and more distressed, being convinced that she had been wrong to think he was capable of change.

When Mordred returned, she agreed to help steal a crystal from Uther and later freed a sorcerer from the dungeons. Uther suspected her involvement, emotionally warning that whoever was responsible had betrayed him, but Morgana stayed defiant. When Morgause's sleeping plague fell over Camelot, Arthur left Morgana alone with a sleeping Uther, handing her his sword so she could protect both herself and the king, and a fearful Morgana did not act against Uther, instead choosing to stay with him and wait for Arthur to return.

After Merlin poisoned her and Morgause stole her away, Uther was distraught, blaming himself. He then spent a year deploying his army at the cost of a great many men in an attempt to find her. When Morgana returned to Camelot, already planning on bringing on Uther's downfall, she pretended to respect and love Uther, yet secretly rejected any kind of Uther's affection and fatherly love towards her, even when he confessed in tears his deep love for her in front of the court during a feast that was held to celebrate her safe return.

As a matter of fact, she felt great pleasure in tormenting Uther with a mandrake root, a magical tool that brings the most tormenting thoughts and emotions of the victim to the surface. While Uther slowly became insane during the time that the mandrake root influenced him, suffering tremendously from past events of his life, Morgana plotted with Morgause and King Cenred against Camelot which resulted in an an attack by No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette) army.

When Merlin found out about the mandrake root and removed it, Morgana tried to place another one under his bed in order to keep Uther suffering but was interrupted by Gaius. After Camelot successfully parried off the attack, Morgana kept pretending to be Uther's loving ward and used his trust against him because in fact, she hated Uther beyond belief. When Morgause finally conquered Camelot, Uther was captured and brought to the throne room on his knees, where he said Morgause had no right to the throne.

Uther finally discovered Morgana's treachery when Morgana stepped out, agreeing with Uther's words and asserting her own royal right. Morgana told him she had known he was her father for some time, and while the guards held him on his knees, Uther watched his daughter be crowned Camelot's new queen.

Later, locked in the dungeons and witnessing the execution of peasants through the bars, Uther begged Morgana to kill him instead of innocent people, but she said he would live until she was satisfied with the amount of suffering he experienced as her revenge for his numerous crimes against those with magic. She then left Uther in the dungeons to rot, stopping only to confirm No Ha Cambiado - Morgana Vs Morgana - Preguntas (Cassette) she hated him beyond his ability to understand, which prompted a complete mental breakdown to the point where Uther was no longer able to act fully as king, leaving Arthur to serve as regent.

Over the next year, Uther did not recover from his breakdown over Morgana's betrayal and became greatly weakened. In a last display of courage, Uther fought to protect himself and his son but was fatally stabbed in the process. When Morgana learnt that Uther was mortally wounded, she expressed cold pleasure and claimed she hoped her face would haunt him in his final moments.

She also actively caused her father's death when she was informed that Arthur planned to use magic to save Uther by enchanting a necklace to reverse any healing spell and worsen the ailment tenfold. Despite causing Uther's death as she had planned for so long, she was left still unsatisfied and said that there would only be cause for celebration when she seized control over Camelot.

She also told Agravaine that she had felt her father's pain as he died and was seemingly disturbed by the sensation; whether this means she felt any remorse or simply sensed it through her magic is unknown. Morgana protectively reassures Mordred. Morgana developed an almost immediate close bond with the Druid boy, Mordredafter Merlin sneaked him into the castle when the soldiers were searching for him. She sheltered him while guards searched the castle and tended to his wounds, sympathising with him as Uther's men hunted him.

She was protective of Mordred to the extent that she attempted to smuggle him out of Camelot, stating that she was risking her life because there was a "bond" between them like nothing she had ever felt before.

Their first escape attempt was ultimately foiled by Arthur, who had no choice but to turn them in since there were witnesses, but he later helped Morgana get the boy safely back to his people The Beginning of the End.

Morgana's bond with Mordred was further cemented when she stayed with the Druids to learn about her developing powers, but their time with one another was cut short when guards stormed the camp. As the druids tried to flee with her, Morgana was visibly concerned with Mordred's safety, and he was reluctant to leave her behind, but in the end he escaped while Morgana returned to Camelot with Arthur The Nightmare Begins. The two were not reunited until Mordred came into the care of the sorcerer Alvarr, who found him after the Druid massacre, and Alvarr used his close relationship with Morgana to convince her to steal the Crystal of Neahtid from the vaults of Camelot.

Morgana's initial agreement was solely for Mordred's sake, as she wanted Alvarr to get the boy out of Camelot before they were caught, and when she delivered the crystal to their camp Mordred ran to embrace her. They were separated again when Morgana had to return to Camelot, but Kilgharrah warned Merlin that Morgana and Mordred shared a destiny and would one day form a dark alliance against Camelot The Witch's Quickening.

Morgana meets with Mordred many years later, after she has become a High Priestess of the Old Religion. Although she is ruthless towards her past friends, her affection for Mordred has not faded away, as she shows genuine affection and relief when she finds out he is alive.

However, the feelings are not mutual, as Mordred has grown cold towards Morgana, in comparison to his former bond with her. When Morgana has Arthur at her mercy, Mordred stabs her in the back and pushes her aside, which completely ruins their relationship, as Morgana looks hurt and betrayed, while Mordred does not have have any sympathy left for her Arthur's Bane.

When they later meet again, Morgana wakes him up and wants to know why Mordred betrayed her. She reminds him of how Arthur would react if he knew, but believing in Arthur, Mordred replies that one day Arthur will change his mind about magic and refuses to tell her where Emrys is. Morgana tries to kill him, but Mordred in turn criticises her for so casually being willing to kill one of her own kind, and wishes that she someday finds the love and compassion which used to fill her heart.

This greatly distresses Morgana, and Mordred finds the chance to knock her out with a spell, leaving her to die With All My Heart. However their relationship is repaired when Mordred, having lost faith in Arthur, after the execution of his love Kara by his men, goes to Morgana and kneels before her, telling her that she was right about Arthur and that he will never question her judgement again.

After this, the foretold alliance happens: Morgana forges a sword equivalent to Excalibur and hands it to Mordred, calling him her proudest warrior.

She is also very protective of him, using magic to defeat his enemies during the battle of Camlann. When Mordred dies in battle, Morgana is completely engulfed in hatred. She swears at his grave that she will avenge him, and does not hesitate to kill her allies when they do not bring her closer to finding Arthur, displaying that even after he betrayed her twice, she still cared for him The Diamond of the Day. Morgana was Morgause 's younger half-sister, though for many years she had no idea of her existence since Morgause was smuggled away as a baby and given to the Priestesses of the Old Religion.

Nevertheless, Morgana felt an immediate connection to her when they met during Morgause's first appearance in Camelot, and Morgause, though not revealing her identity, gave her with a bracelet that had once belonged to their mother, Vivienne, to help prevent Morgana's nightmares.

She also is not as good as using potions as her sister was, as shown when Morgana fails all attempts to turn Undertow back into a huge shark, much to her embarrassment. Morgana is shown to have a funny, though malicious sense of humor, such as at the beginning when she grabbed Eric's advisor, Grimsby and said "Now, is that fair Gramps, I asked you".

She tickled Grimsby chin with her fingers and with a nice smile. Morgana then said, "But then whoever said we had to play fair? Like Ursula, she is shown to be cannibalistic as during the scene, when she welcomed Melody to her lair, she offered her a plate of dead sea animals of her own species. Though Morgana's personality differs she does have the same objective as Ursula, although she is driven more by the desire to accomplish what Ursula could not rather than getting revenge on Triton. Many people think she is much less interesting than Ursula.

However, despite this, Morgana is just as cunning as Ursula, if not more, as she easily manipulates Melody with her motherly-like charm into stealing the trident for her. This was due to Melody being unaware of her mermaid heritage, and that Morgana was the reason why her mother did not allow her to go into the sea until the sea witch had been dealt with once and for all. Although Morgana ultimately desired vengeance against Ariel and Eric for their role in Ursula's death, she also at the same time hated her due to her neglect from her mother, as the latter favored Ursula far more.

Morgana appears very thin and slender, closer to a squid than an octopus. She is younger than her sister and has 8 octopus arms instead of 6. Her skin and the undersides of her tentacles are green instead of purple like Ursula's. She has green eyes, red lips, a mole on the left side of her mouth, and her hair is longer than Ursula's and has pink streaks. She wores also green seashell earrings.

The party celebrating baby Melody 's birth is interrupted by Ursula 's vengeful sister Morgana attempting to prove her superiority over Ursula. She attempts to feed Melody to her shark, Undertow to force King Triton into handing his trident, but fails when Undertow is changed into a piranha and Prince Eric and Ariel rescue Melody.

So, Morgana, Undertow, and her two manta rays, Cloak and Dagger escape inside a huge whirlpool of ink. While Morgana leaves, she threatens to return and have her revenge on everyone, mainly Melody. Twelve years later, Morgana, Undertow, Cloak, and Dagger now live in an iceberg lair. Morgana is now trying several attempts to change Undertow back into a shark, but all fail.

Morgana now believes that it is no use and that the trident is too powerful for her to overcome. It is soon revealed that Morgana does not like being criticized because all her mother ever did was criticize her and tell her she should be more like Ursula. It is also revealed that their mother favored Ursula more than Morgana.

Morgana and Undertow argue about whose fault was what about hiding in the lair. The orb light shines, and Morgana goes and sees Melody holding her locket. They both get an idea. They decide they will use Melody as the tool for Triton's undoing. Ariel confronts Melody and orders her not to go into the sea, but Melody disobeys Ariel and gets to see Morgana.

If you get hit by her Q, you are dead. Guidelines for a Vayne Main. Build magic resist if fighting a good Morgana! Kalista ult gets completely ruined because of this since kalista can't break the shield. Its a long cdr. You cant break sheild with your r so let your support break it first if youre 2v1. If she builds enchanter it should be easier, if she builds full ap it'll be a little more tough because of the extra dmg she'll be doing. Just play around the minions to stay away from her second root.

A tank support and playing behind minions is the best way to counter Morgana. Is a long stun with a lot of range. You don't have too much mobility, especially in early, so she will be a dangerous match-up. Stay behind the minions and ward the bushes.

As long as you avoid her Q, she's an easy match-up. Watch out for her ult and just stay behind minions you'll be good. WoodieHoodie's Ezreal guide to climb out of low elo! Build by Spider Shaped Ezreal Player. Do your best to dodge her root while Poking and trading as much as possible before going for the all-in.

Baking your way into Botlane, like a MAN! But you can dodge the q easily with e or just build banshees. Also you can ult and e out of her ulti and youre safe from her, just be sure to dodge the q.

Updated Kaisa Guide Patch Walk out of her ult Range otherwise you get disabled and put into a wheelchair if you aren't already. Is almost no problem at all if you can't dodge her CC otherwise major problem. You should be able to outrun her ult with FFW and passive. Try to stand behind minions and dodge her Q. Her major could always engage in fights after using her Q.

If you avoid her Q and you are good to go. Dont get too close her in team fights as she could ult as much as champions those are in her range, Once you get rooted, you will get killed for sure. She can ult when ur ulting, and run away. Soraka's hurricane. Her damage is high and her ultimate is nan AOE stun. She can also put her W in the middle of the lane which causes a stealthed Evelynn to become revealed if she touches it.

Getting hit by a Binding is almost always a death sentence considering Varus' little to no mobility. She is also really hard to kill because she typically builds Zhonyas and other semi-tanky items. Varus Season 10, Patch Shes quite safe to poke you, trigger bone plating or even starting all-ins with her ADC. Avoid getting hit by 'Q' by any means and always try to punish her for poking.

If you get hit by her stun you are basically dead so avoid it at all costs. She also sets up combos easily. You wont play a Morgana game without getting stunned and dying. She also deals decent damage too. If you go to split push later in the game, do not underestimate her, she will lock you down, maybe even use her ult, and you will be stuck there long enough for the rest of the team to chunk the crap out of you.

If you get Q'd, you're dead. Nyahr Kai'Sa Player. She also has constant poke with her E. If you get rooted then call your mother and tell her you're going to miss her while they spend a lovely 3 hour picnic killing you to the tune of "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

And avoid getting in her R range. No brainer late game but early game can really hit your mana pool. Patch 9. Rumble Supports your way out of Silver by highlanderq Rumble Player. Your stuns will be easily negated as well as your damage.

Dodge her binds or you're dead. QSS is a must if you're versing Morg. She is who I ban every time. Her root is unbelievably long, her tormented soil gives her incredible sustain for a support, and she can give her spell shield to anyone. Playing into her is going to be a very bad time.

Playing into Morgana Sivir? Might as well dodge. A single Dark Binding can easily set up an opportunity for her lane partner to get a kill. Season 9. How to carry at low elo. Use your W cc when morgana shield is down. Play arround with your E. Go get your LP! Morgana is usually always my primary ban while going ADC.

She'll make it difficult for you to choose your targets because she can punish you for dedicating to these fights. She use it on herself? Ult her Adc, she use it on her Adc? Ult her. The Virtuoso by oskarishere Jhin Player. Dodge her Q, watch out for stopwatches. Consider going Mercs. Will generally ult you and then zhonyas. Less frequent in jungle but still clears faster than Nunu.

She's still in a good spot but not as good as before. Beware of her blackshield that can deny your CC and magic damage which can really hurt. She clears jungler incredibly fast compared to Kindred. You should invade her whenever possible. If she knows how to use her E's thats also unfortunate. She will win the early game if so I'd get Zhonyas actually or MR if you are going tank to ignore her ultimate right before it stuns you.

It's also worth noting that her early game power is almost equal to if not the same as yours if you get the upper hand. So you can invade at lvl 3. But actually I played vs her and won always in 1vs1. So I think even. Foxes in the Jungle! Still, she is OP as of now. This counters tank Lillia very hard because it stops her from moving around and melts her health very fast. Ignore whoever she shields as you can't do much to them.

Always look for skirmishes and don't waste your ferocity to cleanse her root. She clears really fast, so try not to get behind in tempo and look to always pressure. She still easily keeps everything respawning, but now she has 10 seconds less to shadow a lane per rotation so she's not as omnipresent and oppressive. Very easy for her to disengage you and kite you to death 1v1. Extremely obnoxious champion and a good ban candidate now that Hecarim has been mulched and Chemtank hit hard.

Morgana's clear is actually extremely healthy due to her passive so don't try to invade a Morgana early without help as you likely won't have the damage to kill her then. If you can dodge her binding with your E you can look to skirmish with her at most points of the game. Dodging her binding in fights is key to beating her in skirmishes. She has very little damage without it and is quite immobile. She might even be a harder counter than Olaf since she doesn't need an ult to completely invalidate you if she plays her cards right.

She has 2 types of snares to force you away or lock you down, and then black shield is black shield. Her clear speed has been buffed immensely to make her a viable jungler, giving her an advantage in momentum, and as a matchup rating she very well may be up there with Olaf. Nevertheless she has her issues, namely facetank dueling. She has counterplay so utilize it well, or you're going to have a bad time. Permaban if she's meta, if she's not meta she probably won't be showing up much.

She can root you in the middle of your snowball and then completely destroys you with her ult. Avoid her as well when playing Nunu. Rengar Jungle by Heccie Rengar Player. Just please, dodge cage and you are in home. OR rush Banshee, but It will be big waste of gold. PATCH Her formerly ridiculous jungle presence and power is gone now but she's still very annoying to play against and has the potential to carry.

Her black shield can really screw your play making. If she has enough ap and lands a root on you you are most likely dead. She will run you down with her ultimate. Dodge Q. You can dodge the ult stun with your temporary invulnerability from ult.

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Album) Info. Privacy Policy. Send Feedback. Forgot Password? Sign Out. Email Subscriptions. Redeem Gift Certificate. To place an order or for customer service, call toll-free or outside the United States, call Album) Spanish-speaking representatives available, Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm Eastern Time. For personal non-commercial use only. There are also white label promotional copies in the united states with the four dots and UA logo in black. Canadian copies have the four dots all silver and the silver "United Artists" logo underneath. There is no "High Fidelity" print and the labels If I Fell - The Beatles - A Hard Days Night (Vinyl either red or blue or black whereas stereo copies were strictly black. LP original Canadian copies were pressed by Compo in Lachine, Quebec. There are six songs on side one and six songs on side two: Side one starts with two songs from the film; the title track and "Tell Me Why", then "I'll Cry Instead" is featured although it was eventually dropped from the movie by Richard Lester the director of the film. A Hard Days Night 2. Written by Lennon - McCartney. I Should Have Known Better. London — June 12, — The Beatles in mono: This is how most listeners first heard the group in the s, Album) mono was the predominant audio format. Up untileach Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mono as primary. Newly mastered from the analogue master tapes, each album will be available both individually and within a lavish, limited LP boxed edition, The Beatles In Mono, which also includes a page hardbound book. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Album) Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Gripsweat relies entirely on memberships to keep everything running and ad-free. If Gripsweat is useful to you, please consider a paid membership! Unlimited access to audio clips. Keeps Gripsweat ad-free. Gripsweat is a searchable archive of past rare vinyl record sales and auctions.{/PARAGRAPH}

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By that fall the two had Album) on calling their team the Smiths.

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